Evan is a writer, editor, and independent publisher living in Brooklyn. Born and raised in Mid-City LA, she graduated from Bard College in 2016 with a joint degree in Literature and Written Arts focusing on short fiction. Since then, she has worked in advertising as a copywriter, book publishing as a junior literary agent, and written for various outlets including Atlas Obscura, Bushwick Daily, Chicago Magazine, Office Magazine, Okay Player, and Ploughshares. 

Her interests include culture + identity, art + design, music, environments, and emotions. Her print publication, Double Space Magazine, focuses on the artistic process and its many drafts. The only reason she’ll now mention that she’s a Virgo sun / Capricorn rising is so that people know she works really hard :~)

She is most passionate about using her voice as a young black woman to add sorely-needed nuance to today’s conversations. Loves typography, psychoanalyzing rappers, carne asada tacos, that uniquely warm shade of indigo at twilight, and gold jewelry.