Evan is a freelance writer, editor, and independent publisher living in Brooklyn. Born and raised in Mid-City LA, she graduated from Bard College in 2016 with a joint degree in Literature and Written Arts, focusing on short fiction.

Since then, she has worked in advertising as a copywriter, book publishing as a junior literary agent, and written for various outlets including Architectural Digest, Atlas Obscura, Bushwick Daily, Bustle, Chicago Magazine, Fast Company, Gothamist, Office Magazine, Okay Player, Paper Magazine, and Ploughshares. She can also be heard on an episode of All Things Considered, a collaboration between NPR and Wisconsin Public Radio.

Her interests include culture + identity, art + design, music, environments, and emotions. Her print publication, Double Space Magazine, focuses on the artistic process and its many drafts.

She is most passionate about using her voice as a young black woman to add sorely-needed nuance to today’s conversations. Loves typography, psychoanalyzing rappers, carne asada tacos, gold jewelry, and that uniquely warm shade of indigo at twilight.


art installation by PARADICE PALASE